Join Us: Kenny on Branson, Me on the Fed, and Top Small-Caps

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

It's inflation day on Wall Street, and we'll break down the numbers at 8:30! If you like hot data at historic highs, complaining about Jay Powell's Fed, and you HATE higher prices - get in the room, it's gonna be like Christmas! (Minus the contagion.)

Plus, we've got the biggest stories in the market and the stocks to watch today. It starts today at 8:30 AM ET - join us!


Also on today's show...

  • One biotech to watch: There was news that drove biotech stock UTHR higher on Tuesday, and it has to do with pigs. I know you're intrigued but you'll have to join the show at 8:30 for the heart of this story... (that was a hint).


  • Richard Branson's OTHER stock: We're going to get Kenny's take on VORB, which is different than SPCE, though they're both Richard Branson's vanity space flight companies? I don't know; we'll just use this as an opportunity to let Kenny talk about Branson's lifestyle.


  • The small-cap stocks we're watching: The trading team here is expecting a bounce in certain small-cap stocks. Join the show to hear the exact stocks we're watching, why, and how to play it right now.

Never Set Market Orders at the Open

Just another knowledge bomb here from Kenny Glick... Keep learning, my friends.

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Never set market orders at the open!

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Live trading is coming... It all starts at 8:30!

I'll see you all in there!


Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE