Join the Show: Fed Attack Plan, Oil Giant's Pain, & Put Traders Eye Up ETF

Garrett Baldwin

Time to trade, Money Morning LIVE family!

Welcome to Fed day, the live trading starts at 8:30 and doesn't stop until after we hear from Jerome Powell. Stick with the live stream all day for the top trade ideas.

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On today's show...

  • Oil giant's Russia pain: One oil company just revealed some alarming numbers following its pullout of Russia. Our team examines the stock and if more companies could take a similar hit.

  • The ETF put traders want: Mark Sebastian is bringing in options data from an ETF that might be seeing bearish activity. Is this a sector traders should be watching?

  • Fed prep: It's comingggg. We will get you all ready for today's Fed decision, and show you exactly how we're planning to position our portfolios around the highly anticipated event.

... In fact, we're going live again this afternoon just below the release of the Fed's decision, so join us in the room at 1:45 as we live trade the Fed!

Mark's Fed trade plan

No one has been prepping for this Fed decision more than Mark Sebastian. You can hear why he's so excited for this Fed announcement here.

Why Mark is so ready to trade around the Fed

You can get all the details on how Mark plans to profit from the central bank's policy update right here.

The unprecedented changes we're about to see could create numerous profit opportunities for traders, and Mark's profit plan is set up to exploit them.

Alright, a full day of trading is here, come join us!


Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE