Live now: Futures tank, Biden vs. Big Oil, & TSLA's new tactic

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

Stocks are falling fast once again. Dow futures are down more than 500 points and things are getting weird again... but we can do weird here at Money Morning LIVE, so don't worry.

It all starts at 8:30 AM ET!



The trades are coming at 8:30 AM ET

On today's show...

  • Numbers behind the selling: How much selling exactly have we seen, and where does it put us? Our trading team will look at the numbers and tell you exactly how to attack this market now.

  • Biden calls out big oil: President Biden just put oil companies on notice... for making money. Let's take our 5-millionth look at the energy sector, and I'll tell you the stocks that will keep winning.

  • TSLA rumors: It's been a few days since we had some really good Tesla (TSLA) drama, so we're definitely due. Elon Musk's company is reportedly trying to make another move, but does it make sense?

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The Fed Decision is Coming

On top of all this, it is Fed week.

We worked hard to make sure our viewers had the very best strategy for this particular Fed meeting, because as we have discussed, quantitative tightening could mean even more massive selling in stocks.

However, previous volatility around the Fed has actually led to tremendous trading opportunities for Mark Sebastian's trading strategy, and he's fine-tuned it for the coming Fed decision.

The full details are right here.

Okay, I'll see you all in the room.


Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE