Come trade live: Dow futures rally, Tequila Crisis history lesson, & charts with CJ

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

Stock futures are making a big move, after the major indexes got absolutely demolished last week. How do we make money in this market? Well, we're here with free, live trade ideas...

And it all starts at 8:30 AM ET...



We're live at 8:30!

On today's show...

  • Swiss selling?: The Swiss National Bank just said they might start dumping stocks, and that's actually a major deal. The show starts with the data for why we care.

  • The great Tequila Crisis: Our trading team is looking back at history to put our current economic situation into perspective. What can we learn that could show us where Jerome Powell could take us?

  • Chart vs Chart with CJ: Chris Johnson's going to be unmuted and ready to analyze some stock charts with Voz... Plus, we'll get his take on the new Bitcoin ETF that's about to launch.

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Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE