Join the chat: Record bear volume, Shah on recession, and Voz week begins

Garrett Baldwin

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Top trades are rolling in at 8:30 AM ET just as they always do, but this isn't no normal week. Join the live chat and learn why.


The meat is fake but the trades are real

On today's show...

  • Put volume record: Bearish traders were rushing the options pits on Friday, sending the daily put volume to the highest amount EVER. Options specialist and brazen nunchucks enthusiast Mark Sebastian and I will go over the numbers and what this surge in put trading means for stocks.

  • "Clear sign of a recession": The transport space is flashing some serious danger signs, even what some describe as a "clear sign of a recession." We discuss why you need to keep an eye on these names, before bringing in Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani to discuss how it all impacts the global economy.

  • Fed talk: Speaking of impacting the global economy, there's a full line-up of Fed speeches about to hit today, so we're keeping Shah around for his thoughts on what these Fed heads will say - and why they're NOT gonna save us from a hard landing this time around.


It's Voz Week!!!

Tell your friends, tell your family, even tell that weird guy who lives at the end of your hallway - it's Voz week. (Actually, maybe not him.)

We are unleashing Olivia Voz like never before, GIVING AWAY free access to her premium room for Trade the Close all week.

All. Week.

That means you can join Voz for her top trades every day this week at 3 PM ET and see exactly how she trades the closing bell with a different member of our trading team, every day. That's a lot of stock charts to cover, but Voz can handle them.

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Garrett Baldwin
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