Join the chat: Big saws, TSLA delivers, and big money EV bets

Garrett Baldwin

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Our trading team is going live at 8:30 AM ET for today's top trades, but me and my big saw are taking shelter in Miami. I know they'll have you covered, as always.


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On today's show...

  • TSLA delivers, LITERALLY: Man, that's just the perfect headline, because we're talking about Tesla (TSLA) announcing that they're expecting a large number of deliveries for the quarter. The stock recently has held up better than many were expecting, but can that continue?

  • Top day trades: It's Wednesday, Sept. 28, and that means Kenny Glick is going to be fired up. Why? Because he's completely random and we really aren't sure. I can feel some monster day trades coming, however, and we'll revisit how he crushed ATXI and VERU.

  • Big money flow: Then Mark Sebastian will drop in his best options trading data, showing us where the big money traders are placing bets. Today he has a penny stock electric vehicle ticker that put traders have been targeting.

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