Chat is live: BoE buys bonds, top chart requests, and 8Baller’s huge move

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family!

The best live trading show on the internet is about to start at 8:30 AM ET, and the chat room is open - what are we trading today?


We're fine

On today's show...

  • BOE bends the knee: The Bank of England decided it's time to start buying bonds, helping global markets recover on Wednesday. Are more central banks about to "bend the knee" and start purchasing assets once again? Someone help me.

  • Top stock charts: I will be joining Olivia Voz for her Charts by Request today, so bring your top stock charts to the chat and let us know what you want us to trade.

  • Decode the world: 8Baller has his own charts to cover this morning, including a therapeutics name that exploded higher. How did he trade this 100%+ move?

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Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning LIVE