Join the room: Fed inflation watch, AAPL’s crash, and earnings that matter

Garrett Baldwin

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Big Friday trades

On today's show...

  • Inflation insight: How about we end the week with some good data? The PCE index hits this morning, giving us more information on where we are from an inflation standpoint. Plus, this could unleash some volatility into the opening bell.

  • Earnings that matter: It hasn't been a big earnings week, but Nike (NKE) and Micron (MU) will be in focus this morning after their quarterly results. Will there be enough volume for VWAP day trades, though? 8Baller himself will be on the morning show to give us the details.

  • AAPL crash: Apple's (AAPL) rare downgrade sent the shares stumbling, and we're pulling up the chart to see where the shares are going next. Is there reason to fear more downside in the market's most important stock? Mark Sebastian's money flow says... holy sh*t, yes.

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