Thursday, August 26, 2021

Garrett Baldwin

Good morning, Money Morning LIVE family.

Our trading team has been on fire this week.

Mark Sebastian's picks of BEKE and ZNGA have exploded higher.

My spinoff trade of GXO is on fire.

Kenny Glick continues to have the best trading day of his life, each one better than the last.

And this morning, we've got a fresh slate of trades lined up and ready to hand over to you to start your Thursday with profits.

So, get in the room with us at 8:30 AM Eastern. We're ready to rock. Are you?


Do you want my top three stocks to trade right now - and the exact contracts and expiration days - now that market momentum is positive? This link takes you directly to live trading.

Want Kenny's top day trades? The fastest-moving tickers with the biggest profit upside in the next two hours? THIS LINK takes you right to our live broadcast.

Do you want to know what will be Mark's next Zynga-like trade? The one that delivered 100% gains in weeks? PLEASE... for all that is holy... just join the room, HERE.

Chris Johnson's top options plays? RIGHT HERE - we've got a full hour of CJ today, so don't miss it (plus special guest Mike Wade).

Olivia Voz's top Volume Profile moves... Guess where this link will take you?

How about Andrew Keene later at 11:30? And Mark's hour-long trading session after lunch?

Seriously. I'm trying to make you money today. Let's join forces... and let's trade!


Tell your broker. Tell your friends. Call the hedge fund managers that I know - and better yet - I'll tell them otherwise. We are building something better than any financial publication or network on the planet.

I don't give a damn about CNBC. I laugh at Barron's when it arrives on my doorstep. I sit around and wonder why exactly people still read half the junk out there that they do.

Call it greed. Call it following the herd. Call it whatever.

We're building a community - a place where we bring together the best minds in trading every single day, build conviction, and identify the best trades for you.

For free. All day. Nothing more.


I cannot make it easier for you.

But I'll try.

Are you ready? I am.


This is real, live, trading, and it starts RIGHT NOW.

Garrett Baldwin
Executive Producer, Money Morning Live!