Daily Picks for November 8th, 2021

Announcer Name Content Time
Perrin Get started with the Money Morning LIVE Portfolio -> https://moneymorninglive.com/page/live-portfolio 8:19am
Olivia Voz Watching Earnings: TTD, COTY and TSEM. 8:35am
Olivia Voz Watching Post-Close: AMC, CLOV and SPCE. 8:38am
Perrin Sign up for Kenny's FREE eletter -> https://thisisvwap.com/sign-up-for-this-is-vwap/ 8:43am
Perrin Momentum -> GREEN ???????????? 8:51am
Garrett Baldwin Watching SM, ASPN and GOOG. 8:55am
Tom Gentile Tom Gentile's Trading Alert: TSLA SELL DEC17 $750 Puts 9:08am
Perrin Become a member of the Warlock's War Room -> https://pro.moneymappressinfo.com/m/1894655 9:27am
Perrin Tom Gentile is up now! Chris Johnson is next at 10:30am EST 9:43am
Perrin Make sure to sign up for CJ's FREE eletter right here: https://thepennyhawk.com/sign-up-for-penny-hawk/ 10:54am
Perrin New to crypto? Get started here -> https://moneymorninglive.com/page/nick-blacks-crypto-starter-pack 11:47am
Eric Nicks Crypto starter kit: BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, MATIC, FET 12:29pm
Perrin Kenny is feeling a bit under the weather, so instead, we've got Tom Gentile with an INSIDE LOOK at his private room! 1:01pm
Perrin Become a member of Tom's Microcurrency Trader and get access to his private trading room -> https://pro.moneymappressinfo.com/m/1894647 1:14pm
Garrett Baldwin The LMS for Money Map LIVE Plus is here.  1:43pm
Garrett Baldwin https://learn.moneymappress.com/courses/money-morning-live-plus 1:43pm