Daily Picks for October 15th, 2021

Announcer Name Content Time
Perrin Start your day with Money Morning LIVE!  Add us to your calendar https://moneymorninglive.com/page/money-morning-live-schedule 7:42am
Perrin CHAT!!! GET OUT YOUR :CATJAM: 8:15am
Perrin | audra (guest) "I wouldn't be as successful if it wasn't for Kenny!!!" 8:34am
Perrin | DON DA BOSS (member): "This is why I love Kenny my boy from Brooklyn like me" 8:52am
Perrin JOIN the Warlock's War Room with Kenny! -> https://pro.moneymappressinfo.com/m/1882182 9:12am
Andrea Good morning! The Warlock will be joining at 9:15 a.m.! We are working on getting yesterday's replays posted, so sit tight... 9:13am
Laura Action to Take: Sell-to-Close the NIO October 22, 2021 $35 Put at market. 9:45am
Tech Support Hey Kenny will be there soon 9:58am
Mark Sebastian Watching AMZN, GOOG and APPL. 9:58am
Tom Gentile Tom Gentile's Trading Alert: BUY GOOGL 14$ 1400 9:59am
Garrett Baldwin MML Portfolio: https://moneymorninglive.com/page/live-portfolio 10:10am
Laura Action to Take: Cancel your order to sell half of the FCEL October 29, 2021 $7.50 Call for 100%. Instead, sell-to-close half of the position now for $0.55 or more. 10:30am
Amine Video 1 - Eric Thomas | You Owe You - https://youtu.be/g3geSnHfFZ4 11:16am
Amine Compound Calculator - https://compounddaily.org/ 12:02pm
Ryan Coach Brian King will be LIVE at 1:30 PM EST today! Stick around! 1:01pm
Amine Compound Interest Calculator - https://compounddaily.org/calculator 1:57pm
Laura He's BACK and he's HEALTHY - here's Mark! 2:00pm
Amine Excel Sheet - Trade Tracking Template - https://www.mediafire.com/file/6xjzljmly6w5rbu/Trade_Tracking_template.xlsx/file 2:08pm
Amine For previous sessions recordings - https://learn.moneymappress.com/ 2:10pm
Amine Video - Lost But Won - https://youtu.be/FhzNSPiqO0M 2:20pm
Mark S. Action to take  MU  Buy to open November 5th,  2021 70 calls for .75 with a .80 top 2:41pm
Mark Sebastian Mark Sebastian's Trading Alert: Action to Take: Buy-to-Open MU November 5, 2021 $70 Call for $0.80 or less.  Exit Strategy: Sell half of your position for a 100% profit. Let the rest ride. 2:42pm